About Dear Kristen

Kristen Corley is a communication and social marketing professional with 5+ years’ experience working in start up organizations, higher education, marketing technology, and healthcare. Able to successfully adapt to a variety of roles and needs in an organization, Kristen prioritizes coupling strong relationships with coworkers and customers to add maximum value.

Kristen’s role as a Career Specialist in a top-ranking engineering university was to serve as a mentor to students leading up to graduation. She collaborated with students to craft marketable resumes, flawlessly participate in a professional interview, and to ensure a mature and respectable online presence. Kristen worked with students 1-1 in a private office, in classroom presentations consisting of 50+ students, and through virtual communications.

Her previous experiences in start-up organizations presented a variety of opportunities in human resources, account management, culture, and marketing. She values working with members in each area of an organization and is also able to work autonomously.

In her free time, Kristen enjoys writing, reading, traveling, and exploring the wilderness with her brilliant husband, Jonathan, and their favorite pup in the entire world, “Doctor Fox Dog Corley, DMD.”

Find her on Twitter and Instagram @oheykris10

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